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This bike had a Dead Center Cycles fairing installed and painted to match his
existing graphics. We also added the 105th anniversary emblem to add a
little flare to bike. Take a look!
This is not your average Valkyrie! The true fire over black paint made this
one stand out of the crowd for sure! Add in some stretched bags and a tour
pak and you've got one bad looking Valkyrie. Check out the pictures!
Not your average fatbob! This one is really an eye catcher! This is a nice
two-tone paint job with a sharp charcoal graphic splitting the top and bottom.
Add in a little true fire and you've got something ready for the magazines!
Take a look!
This is just a smooth looking ride. This bike was transformed from a stock
Roadking to something you'd see on the cover of American Bagger! This
pulled out of our shop with a new Fat 50 wrapped in white wall rubber, Arlen
Ness stretched rear end, and a Dead Center Cycles detachable fairing all
painted to match...oh yeah, and a custom upholstered seat just to grab some
more attention! Check it out!
This customer came to us wanting a custom paint job and basically gave our
graphic artists the creative freedom to do whatever they long as
it had a demonic evil look. This is what we ended up with! You really have to
take a closer look at this one to appreciate the detail and all the pieces that
make this bike unique. Blow up the pictures for better detail!
Another satisfied trike conversion customer! We  took this one from two
wheels to three with the Roadsmith HDT kit and added a two-tone paint job to
finish it off. This is a really clean looking trike that is sure to catch some
Fresh off the showroom floor! This bike came directly from the showroom to
our paint booth to get some fresh paint and add a custom look. This two-tone
with an old-school Harley script made this bike look great!
Not just another Fatbob. This one left our shop with some custom fit
stretched bags, a fairing, and custom graphics to match. This is one of those
bikes that you don't forget when you see it! Check out the photos.
Nope! That's paint! The customer wanted to customize his trailer, and we had
an idea for the tailgate. After doodling on a napkin, the customer was
intrigued, so we digitally rendered it and made it happen! We're sure there
will be some confused people driving behind him in the future!
Can you put graphic of poseidon on the fairing of my bike? Absolutely! We
took a look at what the customer wanted to do, rendered it up, and this was
the finished product! Take a look!